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Drunk driver rear ends, kills man

When anyone seeks a driver's license in New Mexico, they generally learn about some of the rules of the road in the state. These rules include those that govern drunk driving. It is illegal to drive a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content over 0.08 percent. In addition to the laws, many public awareness campaigns highlight the dangers of operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol. Unfortunately, there remain too many people who refuse to put safety first. As such, drunk drivers continue to cause accidents that both injure and even kill innocent people.

A recent example of this can be seen in a tragic and senseless crash that claimed the life of a man who was only 41 years old. The incident occurred in Roosevelt County along a portion of U.S. 70. The drunk driver and the other driver were both headed in the same direction on the highway. The man who was killed was in a small passenger car while the drunk driver was in a pickup truck behind him.

Additional car crash consequences

Often, when people envision the consequences of a car wreck, they picture the loss of innocent life or serious injuries that are incredibly painful. While these are certainly a part of many accidents, it is essential to remember that these wrecks can shatter lives in other ways also. For example, a motor vehicle accident victim may have their entire life thrown into chaos after a wreck, even after they have recovered from an injury they suffered in the crash.

When someone is hurt in a car accident, they may not be able to work for months. In some cases, a car crash victim will never have the ability to return to work due to a permanent disability. Missing out on work can lead to lost wages, which can then lead to trouble paying bills and other hardships. Aside from the career-related problems and financial hurdles that sometimes arise in the wake of a motor vehicle collision, victims may have their lives shattered in other ways. Emotional pain and mental trauma, which may include anxiety, flashbacks, anger, and other issues, can be very unsettling. Moreover, someone whose life was turned upside down in a traffic crash may not be able to participate in activities they have enjoyed for many years, such as hiking, surfing, riding a bike, or many other physical activities.

Is there an alternative to monthly alimony?

When you are going through a divorce in New Mexico, you find it is hard enough all on its own, without having to be reminded of your ex-spouse every month when you get a check in the mail. Of course, you want and need that alimony payment to get back on your feet and build a new life. If only you could have the money without the reminder of a bad marriage every month.

It is a possibility, according to FindLaw. You do have the option to get all alimony support due you in one payment, a lump sum. If the one-time payment is agreed on by both spouses, the supporter can settle the debt in one payment and both parties can go their separate ways. This type of payment is not the case with child support, however.

Workplace injuries and the most dangerous jobs

For most New Mexico employees, the end of a work day signals the time for much-needed personal care, errands and leisure. Not all workers, however, get to enjoy the satisfaction of this freedom, instead grappling with the many steps of a workplace injury. No matter what type of accident is at hand, a large majority of employers must follow state laws surrounding worker benefits and compensation. However, do the industries themselves open the door for safety hazards? 

According to a 2016 article from EHS Today, fall injuries cost the U.S. $70 billion each year -- and have also become the most common cause of workplace fatalities. While these statistics are crippling, EHS points out that efforts from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration have made work environments safer for employees across the nation. OSHA has prevented countless deaths, as well as tragic disabilities, by strengthening safety regulations at work and at home. 

The dos and don'ts of bankruptcy

Most New Mexico residents could agree that the term "bankruptcy" is a frightening one. However, there are many instances in which this option proves advantageous. For instance, if homeowners face disclosure, or college graduates discover that student loans took a cripping chunk out of financial stability, bankruptcy could come to the rescue. Below are a few pointers on bankruptcy, commentary on why it could be the ideal option and other details that could benefit consumers in times of need.

According to a report from CNBC, filing bankruptcy is a better choice than continuing to grapple with finances. With the mortgage crisis of 2008, countless Americans turned to bankruptcy for relief. Since then, the number of bankruptcy cases has climbed into the millions. One positive aspect of this financial decision is that consumers can better avoid the often relentless contact from creditors, who could ultimately sue and have control over wages or property. Letting creditors know of the struggle to pay for expenses can help ease tension and can allow consumers to move on to the recovery process.

What, exactly, is a slip and fall?

Even though such incidents may not always be life-threatening, a slip and fall can become a serious setback that can affect an individual for an extensive period of time. And despite the familiarity of those yellow caution signs signaling a wet floor, some New Mexico residents do not receive a warning that conditions may be dangerous at all. Sometimes, customers who fall in stores cannot determine whether the store did, in fact, fail to maintain safety; yet there are some general facts to keep in mind in these potentially dangerous situations.

Knowing what constitutes a slip and fall can help when the situation does not seem clear. The University of Wisconsin's Department of Environmental Health and Safety dedicates an article to accident prevention, sharing the basics when it comes to slips, trips and falls. Surprising to many, UW notes that slip and falls are the second-most common type of accidents that can result in serious injury. The university defines a "slip" as an accident that takes places when there is not enough traction between a person's shoe and the floor. A "trip" occurs when a person comes in contact with an object in hir or her walking path, resulting in an accident. A "fall" occurs when a person is thrown off-balance.

Turning over a new leaf after divorce

Divorce can open many doors that may have once been sealed, but first, ex-spouses must jump through the legal and financial hoops. It is natural for this complex process to involve equally complex feelings; after all, there are many phases to dealing with life after divorce. New Mexico residents going through this difficult time may have more questions than answers regarding new schedules, child custody arrangements and other aspects of daily life.

Mental Health America understands the many layers of recovering after a painful separation, first noting that it is natural for those going through divorce to have conflicting and confusing feelings. MHA encourages readers to accept these feelings and to understand that they will likely subside over time. It can be challenging to set aside time for self care -- especially when children are in the picture -- but caring for one's self physically and emotionally is crucial during this sensitive life chapter. MHA also stresses the importance of maintaining stability and routines, avoiding conflict when children are present and, despite the circumstances, to think positively about this temporary situation.

Do you need a new financial start?

More often than not, when many people hear the word “bankruptcy” their immediate association is a negative one. This happens in spite of the fact that most people have little understanding of what filing for bankruptcy actually entails or what it is meant to be for the people who need it. This negative misconception and general lack of understanding about bankruptcy has had the unfortunate side effect of stigmatizing a process that can actually be a positive turning point in the lives of people who take the time to learn more about it, recognize their own need for a new financial start and have the courage to make what can be a difficult decision in order to pave the way for a better future for themselves and often their families as well.

Which bankruptcy option is right for me?

How can a prenup help a stay-at-home parent?

If you are a New Mexico resident who is considering getting married soon, you might wonder if you should create a prenuptial agreement with your future spouse. While certainly it may not seem as romantic as planning a wedding, discussing matters to be put into a prenup may end up being even more important to your future. If you or your partner may want to stay home to raise any children you ultimately have, a prenup may be extremely valuable to you.

As explained by The Daily Worth, if an at-home parent gets divorced, the financial challenges this experience presents to them may be far more severe than those for a spouse and parent who is employed outside the home. Generally speaking, a person who has several years away from the workforce cannot expect to get a job at the same responsibility or pay level as when they left their last position. This is because of the continued changes that take place in most industries and businesses.

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