Helping Workers After An Injury Or Illness

If an individual suffers a work-related injury or illness, he or she may be eligible to receive benefits under New Mexico’s workers’ compensation program. In most cases, workers’ compensation will cover the costs of medical care and provide financial relief for any lost wages; there are funds for additional considerations as well.

Employers are, by and large, required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Nevertheless, many will try to dispute an injured worker’s account, or retaliate against a worker for filing a claim. This is illegal. Nevertheless, it happens often.

We can help. The attorneys at Sanders Law Firm offer dedicated and effective legal representation to injured workers throughout New Mexico. We know how to fight back against employers who take illegal action, and against insurance companies that try to deny claims. Our mission in every case is to protect workers and their rights. We’ve earned a reputation for doing so successfully.

Let Us Fight For You

In reaching out to a lawyer, be sure to discuss the following matters:

  • Doctor disputes — Are there disputes between your doctor and your company’s doctor over your injuries or treatments? Your employer and their insurer will oftentimes request that you see a specified doctor of their choosing. You may not have to do so.
  • Insurance company — Don’t let your company’s insurer give you the run-around. By having the right legal counsel backing you, there is much less of a chance of you missing out on the treatment you require in getting back to work.
  • Going back to work — It is also important that the insurer (and your employer) doesn’t try and rush you back to work too soon. If this happens, your injury could be aggravated. Remember, workers’ compensation is in place to help you get better.

Disputes between workers and their employers arise often in workers’ compensation matters. Our attorneys will help you protect your interests and assert your rights.

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