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Handling debt during your divorce

For many married couples in New Mexico, money can be a common source of woe. Many a marital argument has involved finances. For some couples, financial troubles can become so severe that they even contribute to the irrevocable breakdown of the marriage. When this happens, one of the things people must find a way to do is split up their debt.

Money Management International explains to spouses that it is in their best interest to find ways to address any debt they have together prior to initiating their divorce proceeding. This may involve paying off any debt that can be paid. It is not wise to rely on a divorce decree to protect a person against debt down the road. This is because creditors consider any joint debt the liability of both parties regardless of the stipulations in a divorce agreement.

Truck accident fatalities spike in New Mexico

Motor vehicle accidents involving semi-trucks or other large commercial vehicles can be some of the most horrific on New Mexico roads and highways. A person in a typical passenger vehicle, on a motorcycle or on foot does not stand much of a chance against a big rig. According to the records from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, truck accident fatalities in 2017 represented more than 18 percent of all vehicular deaths in New Mexico.

In 2017 alone, 70 people lost their lives in crashes involving a large truck. That is out of the 379 total deaths in all automobile accidents statewide. The contributing factors to these fatal accidents can include many things ranging from excessive speed to mechanical failures. One problem that has long plagued the commercial trucking industry is fatigue among drivers.

Protecting yourself when dividing debt in divorce

Residents in New Mexico who are getting divorced generally have to endure the process of splitting up their marital estate. Most people commonly think about how to divide assets but also involved in this process is the division of debt. Figuring out how to assign a couple's debt can often be a complicated thing.

As explained by, one thing people should consider is that they do not want to amass any more debt that joins them to their spouse once they have initiated a separation or divorce. One way to accomplish this is to cancel all joint credit accounts. Freezing accounts may also be another way of preventing debt from mounting.

Are autonomous technologies in cars helpful?

People who live in New Mexico and who have purchased or leased new vehicles in the last few years have likely noticed that more and more of these vehicles are including features that allow vehicles to be more proactive in helping drivers avoid collisions. You have probably at least seen ads for cars with features like automatic emergency braking or lane departure alerts. All of these features are touted as being able to improve safety but it is important to know that some might do the opposite.

As explained by The Verge, one problem with the technologies used in driver assist features is that there is no industry standard for how they work. Every manufacturer can and has developed their own version of the technologies and that might just be confusing for drivers as they struggle to learn how to operate or interact with each one.

Common health risks for truck drivers

Becoming a truck driver can be lucrative. The work is relatively easy to learn, offers great job security and presents traveling opportunities. Yet, truck driving is considered dangerous work. In fact, there were 840 truck drivers killed on the job in 2018.

In addition to this accident risk, truck drivers may also be jeopardizing their health. Here are a few examples of the health risks truck drivers face.

Different types of debt

Consumers who live in New Mexico might think about all debt as being the same and, in a way, it is because it all boils down to some financial obligation owed to another party. However, there are definitely distinct types of debt and they each have different pros and cons associated with them. The different types of debt, secured and unsecured debt, may also inform what type of bankruptcy plan a person should consider if they are in need of that level of debt relief.

As explained by Magnify Money, secured debt is any type of debt that is attached to some asset in the form of collateral. Two of the most common examples of this are automobile loans and home loans. In contrast, unsecured debt has no associated asset or collateral. Perhaps the most common form of unsecured debt Americans hold today is credit card debt. Personal loans or student loans are other examples of this type of debt.

Tow truck driver struck and killed by semi near Coors

With Roswell (and the rest of New Mexico) deep in grip of the winter season, ice-covered roads may be a daily expectation. With such hazardous road conditions may come an increased need for the roadside assistance of first responders to help those who have either sild off the road or been involved in accidents. These brave individuals may often be required to put their own safety at risk in order to help others. Motorists can do their part to keep first responders safe by using added caution when passing the scene of an accident. Sadly, that does not always happen. 

This sad fact was on full display in a multi-vehicle accident on I-40 near Coors that took the life of a local tow truck driver. A state police officer has stopped at a crash scene on the freeway, only to then have his own vehicle struck by a passing semi-truck. The tow truck driver stopped at the scene to help, yet shortly after he exited his vehicle, he was struck by another semi. An investigation into the incident is still ongoing, and no arrests have yet been made. While no confirmation has yet been given as to whether the tow truck driver has been dispatched to the scene, early reports seem to indicate that he was simply acting as a Good Samaritan. 

Dram shop liability from a drinker's perspective

After having allegedly been involved in a drunk driving incident in Roswell, a number of different thoughts may be racing through your head. Foremost among them may be questions regarding how you might have found yourself in a position to have been driving while intoxicated in the first place. Many often come to us here at the Sanders Law Firm in the same position you now find yourself in wondering whether those who might have contributed to their alleged drunkeness may be held responsible. The answer to that question depends on the circumstances under which you were served. 

Most states have what are known as "dram shop laws" and "social hosts laws," and New Mexico is no exception. These statutes allow the victims of drunk driving accidents to hold the people and establishments that allowed the drivers that hit them to become intoxicated liable for their accidents. New Mexico's laws, however, go further in actually allowing you, as one who might have become intoxicated, to pursue a liability claim against those whose actions may have contributed to your impairment. 

Top 3 signs of whiplash

Although quite common, whiplash is an often overlooked injury. Whiplash can happen during a fall, in a car accident, assault or during contact sports or horseback riding. 

The 3 most common whiplash symptoms 

Drunk driving causes serious accident outside Ranchos de Taos

Roswell residents are strongly encouraged to practice defensive driving in order to avoid accidents. While such advice may certainly be sound, one cannot completely negate the potential of being involved in a collision due to the fact that they cannot control the actions of others. Indeed, it is when those actions are negligent that people are placed in the position of needing to seek compensation following a car accident. Such a decision typically does not arise from any sense of bitterness, but rather the need for assistance in dealing with the expenses associated with an accident. 

Depending on the severity of an accident, such expenses can be enormous. They are almost certain to be following a multi-car collision that recently occurred near Ranchos de Taos. A car was attempting to pass a line of slower-moving vehicles when it collided head-on with three others. The passengers in the first car that was struck had to be extricated from their vehicle by emergency responders, while the other vehicle collided with also sustained serious damage. The passengers in the car that caused the collision, however, bore the brunt of the damage. The front seat passenger was killed, while three children riding in the back were all seriously injured. 

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