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The effect of divorce on estate planning

Few in Roswell may initially realize how fluid a process estate planning actually is. The common school of thought is that one creates their will and that is the end of it. Yet many things may change after one initially writes a will, some of which may influence their succession plains. One of these is divorce. Information shared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that as recently as 2017, over 787,000 couples divorced in the U.S. (the actual number may indeed be higher, as five states did not furnish data for the study). As one would likely list their spouse as a beneficiary in their will, a divorce should certainly prompt them to revisit such a stipulation. 

The fear that failing to do so could result in one inadvertently leaving their ex-spouse the bulk of their estate is unfounded, however. Per Section 45-2-802 of New Mexico's Uniform Probate Code, one who has been formally divorced cannot be recognized as a surviving spouse in terms of an estate plan. The divorce effectively revokes any privileges they might have been afforded in the will, whether that be an inheritance or a power of appointment (such as being named executor of the estate). 

What type of benefits are paid by workers' compensation?

If you work in New Mexico, you should make it a priority to learn about your rights as an employee. There are many laws and programs in place designed to ensure that you are treated fairly while at work. In addition, there are programs available to help you should you ever get hurt on the job or develop a work-related illness. For these situations, the workers' compensation program offers a range of benefits.

As explained by the State of New Mexico Workers' Compensation Administration, one of the types of benefits available to injured or ill employees is called the indemnity benefit. This basically means financial compensation for their injury or illness if they are unable to continue to work. The amount of money a person might receive and the length of time for which benefits may be payable depend in part on the nature of the employee's disability.

What are biggest accident risks for oil and gas workers?

If you or someone in your family works in the oil and gas industry in New Mexico or the surrounding area, you know that there are many unique dangers associated with jobs in this industry. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration have put in place a strong set of safety requirements that employers are supposed to follow but unfortunately sometimes they do not. It is important for employees to know their rights in the event they need to seek compensation.

According to the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, an average of six out of every ten workplace deaths in the oil and gas industry involve a person being caught between objects, caught in something or struck by an object. Vehicle accidents that happen often when transporting workers to and from job sites accounted for the majority of the remaining fatalities.

Gray divorce factors

When many people in New Mexico think about divorcing couples, they might think about people who are still young enough to have kids at home before they would think about someone about to retire. However, the fact of the matter is that divorce among people aged 50 and older has been on the rise for some time now. These divorces are commonly called gray divorces, as people at this stage of life may have graying hair.

Psychology Today explains that two factors that might contribute to the increase in gray divorces are money and previous divorces. It seems that people with a greater set of financial resources experience fewer divorces. Some experts think this could be because the access to money provides couples access to assistance that may be needed to save a marriage, such as marriage counselling.

How to avoid colliding with a car while bicycling

Vast expanses and amazing scenery are among the reasons New Mexico is popular for bicyclists. However, riding along rural routes can be as hazardous as it is in towns and cities. At Sanders Law Firm, we often represent clients injured while on their bike.

Drivers of passenger vehicles often do not notice bicyclists, which makes it imperative that you always pay attention to the cars and trucks around you. According to BicycleSafe, getting hit from the right side is the most common collision, and there are two possible types: Either you cross the street in front of the car, and it hits you, or the vehicle pulls out in front of you and crash into it. Avoid this type of collision by taking the following steps:

Why you should be upfront about what�s in your will

When most people consider their will, they think of who they’ll give certain items to. However, when you start your will, you’ll also have to consider a number of responsibilities you’ll delegate to your beneficiaries.

It’s important to voice these decisions in advance. Here are just a few reasons why it’s not a good idea to be secretive about the choices you make in your will.

When "bird's nest" co-parenting makes sense

No matter how amicable the separation, transitioning into co-parenting after a divorce comes with financial expense and emotional toll. One way parents are coping with these issues is by way of a new custody plan in which parents swap in and out of their family home, "the nest," while their children stay.

The idea may sound a little ludicrous at first. But, here's when it's most sensible to use.

How to report unsafe work conditions

If you work in New Mexico and you notice something that make the work environment hazardous to you and other employees, it is your duty to report the conditions. There are a number of steps you can take, and the first one is to tell your most immediate supervisor. However, if your employer is unreceptive to your complaints there are other ways to approach the situation.

According to FindLaw, both state and federal laws require employers to provide a safe working environment for all workers. Employers must take safety precautions to prevent long-term work-related health issues, one-time injuries and fatal injuries. 

Are oil companies responsible for off-field crashes?

You probably knew that the oil industry was dangerous when you signed on. It would be reasonable to assume that there could be significant risks from heavy equipment, slippery surfaces and even from explosions and fires. 

Is likely that your employer also understands these risks. Many of the petroleum industry businesses in New Mexico take adequate OSHA precautions and cover their risks with robust, industry-specific, workers' compensation insurance policies. However, there are certain risks that employers tend to underestimate, and these oversights could lead to grave consequences for you and your fellow oil field workers.

Implementing practices that can protect you from a car accident

There are undoubtedly times when you are driving where you are faced with a hazard created by another driver. If another motorist cuts you off, swerves into your lane or loses part of their load, you could be left to make a split-second decision to avoid a collision and, in some cases, avoidance may be impossible. At Sanders Law Firm, we are committed to educating people in New Mexico about the measures they can take to keep themselves safer on the road. 

While you cannot control the actions of other drivers, you can absolutely commit to driving safely and staying vigilant so you can prevent unnecessary accidents from happening. One thing you can do is to never drive distracted. Distractions include everything from eating to applying makeup to looking for an address on your GPS. Choosing to drive your vehicle after you have been drinking or taking certain drugs is also extremely dangerous. 

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